Building a Strong Marriage

Rock Brook Marriage Event

Friday, February 8, 2019

Main Event 7:00-8:30PM  |  Reception 8:30-9:00PM

Cost: $15 per couple


Event Info

It's always a fun night when Rock Brook couples get together. This event is designed for married, engaged or dating couples who desire to strengthen their relationship. We are excited to have guest speakers, Brian and Kristy Marcotte, talk about the 4 things to consider when building a strong marriage. 

"Anyone can have a mediocre marriage. It takes a smart couple to have a strong marriage." - Brian & Kristy


6:30-7PM     Registration / Seating  


7-8:30PM     Welcome                        

         Meet & Greet    


            Games & Prizes  

                          Brian & Kristy Marcotte


   Next Steps


8:30-9PM     Reception                      

                 Find a Small Group

                 Meet Brian & Kristy

                           Find Marriage Resources