Rock Brook Conference

There is no greater force and nothing more inspiring in the world than a healthy, local church. The Church is not a building, it’s not an organization or an institution.

The Church is people.

People like you and me. People united because of what God has done in us and wants to do through us.

At the Rock Brook Conference, we will learn what it means to be part of a healthy, local church that is a world influencer. This isn’t just theories or ideas; we will be sharing what God is doing among us. We will be pulling back the curtains to answer the important question, How does God meet your deepest needs?


Friday, March 29th  7-9PM


Saturday, March 30th 9AM-2:30PM


Cost: $10 per person or $20 per family

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Camille began her faith journey as a child. “It wasn’t until I started coming to Rock Brook that I began to better understand what my beliefs and hope really meant.”

Camille and her husband went through Growth Track and she joined the Greeters Team. “Even something as simple as a smile and a heartfelt ‘welcome’ can make someone feel that they are noticed and that they belong. I love that I can share that connection with someone.”

Their children have also built their relationships with God by coming to Rock Brook. “I love that Rock Brook has a Children’s ministry tailored for children of every age and even for children with disabilities. It is so important for children to find their identity with Christ.”

Join us for Rock Brook Conference to hear how Rock Brook is helping people deepen their relationship with God.

When Chris and his family came to Rock Brook they were looking for a student ministry for their kids and a place to belong with other believers. “After attending StepONE, we were excited to begin attending and become involved with this body of believers called Rock Brook.”

“Over the years, at Rock Brook, we have had many serving opportunities and have been served during the mountaintop times and valley times of life. We have made lifelong friendships and have grown in our personal relationship with Jesus Christ.”

Join us for Rock Brook Conference to hear how people can have a place to belong.

Rosa knew for her to feel connected at Rock Brook, she needed to be a part of a small group. “Joining a small group was absolutely the most important first step for me and helped me create meaningful relationships in a smaller setting. Rock Brook has given me a place to belong and feel part of a community.”

“Before coming to Rock Brook, I was looking for the perfect church. Rock Brook isn't perfect, but neither am I so it's a great fit!”

Join us for Rock Brook Conference to hear all the ways people are getting connected.

“Rock Brook has made an immeasurable impact on my life.” Clint and his family started attending Rock Brook 6 years ago. “The vision, grace and enthusiasm of this church, its staff and members has enriched my life and my family’s lives to an extent I would have never imagined.”

Clint decided to go all in and has grown so much in his walk with Christ. “I have become a better man, father, husband, and servant of God through Rock Brook.”

Join us for Rock Brook Conference to hear all the ways people are growing closer to God.

Cheryl knew right away that Rock Brook was the place for her. “I remember the first time visiting Rock Brook - it was a breath of fresh air! So friendly and welcoming, the worship service was incredible and the message left me wanting more.”

After completing Growth track Cheryl and her husband began serving on the greeters team. “We attend one service and work another so we can see new faces. I want people to feel as welcome as I was made to feel!”

Join us for Rock Brook Conference to hear all the ways people are discovering their purpose.

When we asked Chris to share a couple sentences about the difference Rock Brook has made in his life, he told us, “I don't think that 2 sentences is near enough to explain what this church means to me.”

We love that Chris and his family found Rock Brook. “As soon as we walked in, we felt right at home and welcomed by many people we didn’t know.” God was doing something through the people and messages Chris was hearing each week and his life was changed.

“On my 41st birthday, I was baptized at Rock Brook and it’s been even better since.” Chris and Jackie bring their kids to RBfK on Sunday mornings and can’t believe how much they have learned about Jesus and their faith. Small groups have made a huge difference for their family too. “We have made so many friends and have a great small group to call ‘family’.”

Join us for Rock Brook Conference to hear about all the ways Rock Brook is pointing people to Jesus.