The Pastoral Care Team offers care support for those inside and outside our church walls going through: grief, loss of a loved one, financial difficulties, addiction, divorce, depression/anxiety, hospitalization, physical and/or mental illness, job loss, any type of life crisis impacting an individual or family.


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Care Resources

Below is national and local information and resources for individuals or families who need help finding assistance. 

These are the same first steps our Rock Brook Care Team uses to provide assistance. It has been our experience that when you are courteous, patient and do what these organizations ask you to do, you are more likely to get pointed in the right direction. Be prepared that when you contact these organizations to be on hold or have to leave contact information for someone to contact you back. 

  • CovID-19 Virus

    To stay up-to-date with the guidelines and information National, State and Local governments are posting, check out these helpful links. If you need financial assistance or have other needs, please check out the other resources and links on this page. 

    Let others know that Covid-19 has attributed to your situation. Most organizations public and private are doing their best to provide help to those that have been impacted by Covid-19 directly or indirectly. Most of all be patient, we are all in this together. 

    US Government Response to Covid-19

    Center for Disease Control (CDC)

    Missouri Hotline 1-877-435-8411, website

    Online chat regarding Coronavirus

    Johnson County, KS Hotline 1-913-715-2819 or website

    Business Owners - Understanding Covid-19 Legislation

    City of Raymore &

    City of Belton

    Cass County

    Governor of Missouri Mike Parson

    Governor of Kansas Laura Kelly

    Unemployment Benefits

    Highlights of the Cares act (Article from Edwards Jones)

    Tax Dates by State (Article by USA Today)

    MO & KS Tax Day: July 15,2020

    Federal Tax Day: July 15,2020

  • Local ministries and Organizations

    The organizations listed below can provide assistance with clothing, food, financial aid, and housing. 


    West Central Action Agency

    Family Resources of Cass County

    Fishes and Loaves Food Pantry (816) 501-6801

    Cass County Food Stamp Department

    City Union Mission

    United Way dial 211

    Salvation Army MO and KS

    Tax Foundation - (Article/FAQ about the CARES Act Rebate)

  • MORTGAGE / Rent

    Due to Covid-19, many mortgage companies and states have put a pause on evictions, allowing no payment, no late fees for a set period of time. 

    Please note that they are going to add the missed payments to the end of your mortgage/rent or set up some kind of repayment plan. 

    First, call your mortgage lender or landlord and talk to them about your situation. Ask if they are willing to help. If they are unable to help, begin finding out your rights. Here are some links that may be helpful finding Mortgage and Rent help and information. If you have a government backed loan and Covid-19 has impacted your financial situation please check out the guidelines for assistance through the CARE Act passed by congress.

    Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA)

    Housing Urban Development (HUD)

    Consumer Financial Protection Bureau - Cares Act Mortgage Protection

  • Transportation


    Here are some helpful tips to consider when asking for assistance.

    • Make every effort to do all you can to help yourself. Look for ways to cut expenses, share rides, network with those you know, if you're out of work your new job now is to find another. Spend 8 hrs + a day looking for assistance and a job. 
    • Be patient, you are one of many people asking for help.
    • Most organizations have policies they have to follow. Please respect those policies. 
    • Be courteous to the person you are talking to even if they are rude. They spend their day talking to many individuals that lie to work the system and have been rude to them.
    • Try and find out what information they will need before you contact them. Look at their website for this information. This will keep you from having to contact again. You don't want to have to be on hold again and have others get ahead of the line for assistance.
    • If someone asks for a list of documentation, do not contact them back until you have all the information they have asked for. 
    • Fill out all the information they ask for to your best ability. 
    • Do everything they ask you to do. This shows them you are trying. 
    • Don't give excuses. Don't blame others. Don't talk bad about others. Many of these organizations and the people that work for them network with one another. 
    • Have pen and paper handy when making a call or going to an organization so you can take notes. 
    • Write out questions before you call so you don't forget something.
    • Ask when you should expect to hear something.
    • Ask when you should contact again if you have not heard anything.
    • Ask the individual that you are in contact with for their name and if they have a direct contact they can give you such as an email, phone number or extension. Also ask for a reference number.
    • Don't rely on just one organization call, email and visit many. 
    • Do your own research. Keep trying.
    • Even if you are denied keep trying. 
    • If you are denied by an organization ask if they can recommend other resources or organizations. 
    • It is your job to follow up. It is your job to do the emailing, call, and visits. 
    • If you don't already, consider belonging to a local church and becoming an active member by giving your time, talents and treasure to help others. 
    • Tithe to your local church.