core truths to build your life on

SPRING SEMESTER / coming March 2023

During this semester, we will cover more essential truths of Foundations, we're answering questions like:

  • What does it mean to be a Christian today? What does it really mean to be saved? Can I lose my salvation? 
  • How do I grow in my faith? Why do I still struggle with sin? 
  • How did the church come into being and what is it suppose to do?

Maybe you're a mature believer who needs to refresh your mind and heart on these essential truths, maybe you're a brand new believer desiring to start your faith journey by establishing a strong foundation on God’s Word, or maybe you don't believe at all, but you’re curious.
Join us weekly or stop in for a topic that interests you on Sundays at 11AM in the East Auditorium.

What to Expect at Foundations

Each week, you will experience a teaching session from a pastor, staff member, or a member of our church. After each teaching session is complete, you are welcome to stay and discuss each week's topic with those at your table using the discussion questions we provide. The teaching and discussion time should last around 75 minutes.