If you loved participating in this year's SERVE Day, a SERVE Small Group might be the perfect fit for you. 

You could connect with other people and Serve our community throughout the year.

Let us know you are interested HERE.

This is Megan! Her team was able to provide food for the homeless in our community. “I don’t feel like I’m doing much, but to those we serve, it means so much more than we know.” Her team knows that serving isn’t an option. “We were called to serve!”

SERVE Day is Making a Difference in our community and in us. How can you join us in serving?

Say hello to Robert! He met an 80 year old widow who was needing help keeping up with her farm. His small group plus other families jumped in and helped cut brush, maintain the trees and grass and rebuild a shed that could be used for storage. “It was a real bonding time for our small group.”

The farm-owner was so grateful for their help and hugged everyone before they left. “This SERVE day project meant so much to not only me, but to everyone that was at the farm.”

This is Judy! One of her favorite parts of SERVE Day was the morning huddle. “It was wonderful to see all the people who showed up to help out.” Her team helped in all sorts of ways at the Heart-n-Hand thrift store. They cleaned, sorted and organized. “I felt like we did a good thing, being God’s hands and feet that day.”

Meet Alex! Last year, his Small Group moved all kinds of things to help Harrisonville Christian School consolidate to one campus. “It was such a great opportunity to really get to know the guys in my Small Group. Nothing grows friendships faster than serving alongside one another.”

Meet Renee! She got connected with SERVE Day to give back. “This project was very personal to me. At the time, the Ronald McDonald House was helping my family members get thru a rough time.”

Renee and her team put together care kits for families staying in the Ronald McDonald House. “It was amazing to see how many people joined together to serve in so many different ways. I felt so proud to be a member of Rock Brook Church!”